Cream brûlée

Cream Brûlée - by Fiona Lau

modification as if you don't have a blow torch & prefer less-sweet, thicker texture.
Here's the modified version.
600ml Bulla Thicken Cream / Whipping 
6/7 egg yolks (From 55gm eggs)
3 tbsp sugar
2 tsp vanilla bean paste
8 tbsp brown sugar
Recommends mixing & whisking by hands to avoid too much bubbles.
1. Bring thicken cream to a slow simmer. Once u see bubbles at the side & small amount of layer of film on your cream, u shd switch off fire. We just want to bring the temperature to 'before boiling point'.
2. In another bowl, beat yolks, sugar & vanilla until just combined. Don't beat until frothy.
3. Add 2 tbsp of warm thicken cream into egg mixture & whisk, continue adding thicken cream & mixing gradually for about 8 tbsp.
4. Add egg mixture into thicken cream & mix well with a  whisk.
5. Pour into 5 small ceramic dish through a sieve.
6. Put ceramic dish into a deep baking tray.
7. Put baking tray in oven before pouring hot water into tray until it reached m,kk
8. Bake at 160 degree for 40 mins.
9. Lay 6 tbsp of brown sugar on a flat surface to dry them for an hour.
10. Transfer ceramic dish onto a dry baking tray.
11. Spread brown sugar all over the top of the cream.
12. Switch oven function to Top Grill mode at 250 degrees. Need not wait for preheat, just pop your ceramic dish straight back into the oven.
13. Place baking tray on the highest rack to bake for 3 mins. They may not have the same rate of caramelisation so check if those brown sugar that has caramelised or slightly burnt shd be removed immediately. The cream looked like its erupting & bubbling but don't worry about overcooking it.
14. It is very important that you chill your creme brûlée long enough for the cream to set. I chilled mine overnight.

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