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Regina's Daily Bread

Bread flour 200gm

Bread flour 40gm (starter dough)
20gm cake flour (starter dough)
20gm Greek yogurt (starter dough)
1 Egg (starter dough)

Yeast 8g
Sugar 40gm
Full cream milk 110gm (Luke warm)

Butter 35gm
Salt 3gm


Starter dough
1.) Heat the full cream milk to Luke warm in a mixing bowl pour yeast and sugar first after 15mins it became foamy then add the beaten eggs, Greek yogurt, 40gm bread flour and 20gm cake flour from the starter dough by using a manual hand-whisk to mix well and cover with a cling wrap set aside for 15mins

When the starter dough is ready pour everything Into the starter dough till combined in a stand mixer. After dough is well mixed, The dough will stick be alittle sticky to handle but you just need to get the help from the dough cutter to spade it up while flour another hand to make it a round shape on the table!! Cover for an hour it will double up. Flatten the dough gently using your finger tips then roll the bread dough from top toward you. Cut them into desire size roll it into balls set aside for 10mins. Flatten eat dough again and do same process to roll into a ball or you may fill in whatever ingredients you like. Then place in a pan apart set aside for 40mins. 15mins before the 40mins of proofing time, please preheat oven 180 degree to obtain right oven temperature.

When 40mins up you may choose to egg wash your bread by using beaten egg with 1 table spoon of Milk or water. Thereafter, place the pan of bread dough into the oven bake for about 18mins when you see the it's golden brown.

You may do it into Loaf too!!

Enjoy and post and show us your end product. Happy baking.

Fiona Lau

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