Indonesian version noodle

 Indonesian version noodle

500g plain flour
1tbsp salt
2tbsp oil
1tsp alkaline water
water (as required, depends on the flour). 

Put all ingredients in bread machine, hit dough function. Add splash of water, just enough to gather the dough together. If you put too much, you'll have a hard time sheeting it later. 
The dough shd be similar to fresh pasta dough. 
Cut into smaller pieces. Roll them, 
sheet them using pasta maker, 
cut them any shape you like. 
I like it chewy, so i stop at thickness 4 and cut them into strands. 
You can air dry the noodles for a while or dust them with flour and weigh them into individual portion (60-70g) is plentiful. 
Store them in freezer. When you want to use it, just drop it into a generous pot of boiling water, 
until they float to the top. It just take a couple of minutes max. 

Season with 1tbsp of lard (or oil if you are good), white pepper, dash of soy sauce.

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