Almond nip & pumpkin seed bread - by Theresa Soh

材料与做法 (Ingredients and method)

高筋面粉 (High protein flour) - 250g
冷藏老面种(cold fermented dough) ** - 100g

即溶酵母 (instand yeast) – (5g)
海盐 (sea salt) - 3g
细砂糖 (castor sugar)- 30g
动物性鲜奶油(Whipping Cream) - 50g
鸡蛋 - 40g(Omega蛋)
清水(water) - 70g

无盐牛油(unsalted butter) - 20g
(软化,待面团成团起筋时才加入)(soften, added when dough nicely mixed and smooth)

表面装饰 (surface topping)
全蛋液(whole egg)
马苏里拉芝士(Mozzarella Cheese),粗糖 (course sugar),杏仁片(almond flakes)

温度 (temperature)
170 度(170°C),20-25分钟 (minutes),面包表皮上色后用铝箔纸盖着(to avoid over bake,cover with aluminium foil when bread surface reach desire brown colour) ,避免烤得过焦。
(时间与温度方面可依自家的烤箱而做调整)(adjust baking time and temperature according to your home oven).

** Fermented Dough (picture can refer link


1) 1kg High protein flour
2) 650g water
3) 1/2tsp yeast

• Mix all ingredients in a big bowl, cover and leave it at room temperature for 60~90 minutes.
• Keep inside fridge for 24 hours
• Divide into desire quantity into individual container or plastic bags and freezer it for future usage.
• Defrost it 30 min prior usage.

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