kong bak pau - by Wendy Foo

 kong bak pau

20 slices Kong Bak (Pork Belly), get your butcher to give you those with a little of bones, not all but some. A mixture will taste good. Slice each slice to about 6-7cm

1. Oyster Sauce (say 3 tbsp), sugar (say 5 tbsp), light soya sauce (say 2 tsp), dark soya sauce (thick kind, say 3 tsp), 5 spice powder (say 3 tsp), sesame oil (1 tbsp), 花雕酒 (1 tbsp), cinnamon sticks (2 small ones), pepper (a pinch).

2. 1.5 whole garlic knob (comprises of several cloves per knob)


Mix above 1. with the 1kg pork belly, marinate and leave in fridge for about 4-5 hours.

To fry:

Pour some oil in work. Fry 2. with the 2 small cinnamon sticks from 1. to fragrant but not burnt in low fire. Add in marinated pork. Fry till all even. Pour in some water and cover the pork. Switch on to medium to high fire and fry for a while. When boiling, lower down temperature and let it simmer until is saucy or a little dry. During this process, you can add water until the pork is tender. Do add dark soya sauce if you think colour is light or to your desired dark brown colour. This simmer process will take around 2 hours until meat tender and the brooth becomes saucy.

When pork is about to ready, steam the buns. Serve with buns and enjoy!

Fiona Lau

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