"Traditional steamed cake."

"Traditional steamed cake."


A 3 eggs
Flour 300g (sifted)
180g-200g caster sugar
200ml / 100plus soda

-beat eggs and sugar until white and bubble form, add plain flour into 3 times and 100 plus,
-mix well with a plastic spatula, stir in one direction!
-pour into a 7-inch paper baskets, and then use the sugar to cross the center and steamer with large steamer 35-40 minutes.
Note:-halfway cannot open the lid or add water
Note:- advance preheat water, water must be boiling before steam the cake. .
- I don't have bamboo basket, so I use ordinary steam tray tin 7' inch... .



Anonymous said...

Where to get the little stamper with the word '发'。

Meng said...

Can I use baking powder if I can’t get 100+?