Homemade Vanilla Bean Extract Recipe

Homemade Vanilla Bean Extract Recipe

You will need:
  • vanilla beans
  • vodka
  • quart size glass jar
  • strainer
  • coffee filter
  • dark colored glass bottle for vanilla extract {Dark glass will protect the heavenly concoction from the damage of sunlight. Do not put in plastic since alcohol will leech out chemicals in the plastic.}
  • vanilla bean tags
Place approximately 8 vanilla beans (slit down center to reveal vanilla beans and cut to fit in jar) in the quart size glass jar then fill with vodka. Seal with lid. Place a date on the jar. Allow the mixture to steep for 4-6 months. Open up the jar – WAIT – be prepared for the most divine smell to overtake you. Soak it all up. *inhale*  ……..    *exhale* Okay, now, funnel into pretty little jars and place a cutesie label on them. Give some to friends or be selfish and keep them all to yourself. It’s okay. This stuff is worth it! :)
Shelf life of homemade vanilla extract: 1-2 years!

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