Grape wine enzyme - by Fiona Lau

Grape wine enzyme
Grape 5kg,
sugar / rock sugar 2 kg
A clean glass jar.
wash  grape, and then soaked in salt water to get rid of pesticides, drain several times after cleaning, dry.

Prepare a clean glass jar.

crushed grape
 plastic bag gloves (gloves can be use), squeeze  and crush grapes into the jar. 
added sugar, and stir and  cover with  plastic on  glass jar lip, put a few plastic rings, cover lightly covered.

 get a cool place, place for 3- 4 months.

XX jars size, waist 74cm (29 inches), height 29cm (11 half inches).

    A long three months have passed, I have stuffed grape wine Well, today to take advantage of a neutral filter mounted on a bottle of wine, but this is my real materials contain

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