Recipe Credit; Kitchentigress


Source: Adapted from Cooking for the President
(Makes 21 pieces)

160 g skinless split mung beans去了皮的绿豆
115 g sugar糖
80 ml peanut oil花生油

60 g young, light green pandan leaves班兰叶
wash and chop roughly
60 g undiluted fresh coconut milk椰奶
2¼ tsp rice flour粘米粉
1 tbsp peanut oil花生油
2 tsp castor sugar幼糖

1 medium-sized yellow sweet potato (aka yam in the US, I think)番薯
wash and peel; slice 110 g ½ cm thick
150 g glutinous rice flour糯米粉
mix evenly with 125 ml water; refrigerate overnight, covered

banana leaf香蕉叶
scald in hot water; drain and blot totally dry; cut into 21 pieces each slightly bigger than your AKK

rice flour, for dusting粘米粉
peanut oil, for glazing花生油

If you prefer red AKK, you should:
(1) use an orange instead of yellow sweet potato;
(2) omit the pandan leaves for the dough;
(3) add red food colouring instead, enough to get a shade of red that's significantly darker than what the AKK looks like when it's cooked (the colour fades a fair bit when heated); and
(4) cook the mung beans with a few pandan leaves.

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