Home-Made Chinese Red Rice Wine (Foo Chow Ang Jiu) - By Fiona Lau

红酒美人 and feeling happy。。!! gonna Harvesting soon .. 好吃。。唷
Fuzhou red yeast rice wine
After forty days to delivery
Interested can be scheduled
2 kg Glutinous rice
6 pcs sweet wine biscuits
2 pcs spicy wine biscuits
300 gm Red yeast rice

One bottle high-grain white rice wine( Hai-ou)(700ml) wine to buy a good point out the effect of comparing alcohol
 Half bottle of Hai-ou Wu-jia-pi (280ml)

1 crushed red yeast bread and wine separately
2 Wash the glutinous rice soaked for 4 hours with steamed rice cooker or add water, put a cold night stalls
3 add In the first layer wine cake, then add a layer of sticky rice and then a layer of red yeast rice until the wine is completed, cover
4 Open the lid after three days add white wine and add in half bottle Wujiapi, seal the lid, so glutinous rice ferment for at least 40 days (100 days would be more like putting alcohol), ( normally i just directly into my empty clean bottle) you can also filtered and bring to boil if you want, leave to cool for over night before you can put in the empty clean bottle ..
留下的酒糟加入100g的红麴放入拌搅成浓状放入冰箱收藏,留着可以煮红糟酒鸡,...好吃。Yummy yummy.. yo 哟

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