Mille Crepe Cake (法式榴莲千层蛋糕) - by Daphne Yong-Tan

Mille Crepe Cake

Ingredient 材料:

Top flour 面粉 300g

Egg 鸡蛋 6个

Fresh milk 牛奶 750ml

Butter 牛油 100g

Caster sugar 糖 2 tbsp

Filling (馅料)

Durian flash 榴莲肉 500g

Fresh milk 牛奶 150ml

Caster sugar 糖 2 tbsp

Whipping cream 250ml(考虑到是自己吃的,所以我不用)
(I omit whipped cream for healthy crepe)

Steps 做法:
Egg and sugar in mixing bowl, beat until pale white

Add in milk and butter, mix well

Sieve in flour till cooperated, sieve the batter again to ensure no lump.

Rest the batter for 60mins

Blend the durian flash with milk and sugar, add in whipped cream, mix well then keep in fridge (I skip the whipped cream)

6)一小时后,将平底锅加热,下少许油(只有第一次下油),平底锅离火,接着舀一勺面糊到锅内,迅速摇晃平底锅,让平底锅薄薄地覆盖着一层面糊,继续以小火加热1 - 2分钟,或底部呈褐色,将薄皮翻面续煎15秒即可取出。
After an hour, heat up non-stick frying pan. Grease with a little oil(only for the first piece of crepe), scope one ladder of batter on pan, spread it evenly to a round shape. Use small fire to fry for 15seconds or until both side turn lightly brown.
(Trick, put a wet towel aside, for cooling off your frying pan, easier to spread batter to thinly crepe)

Use up all batter, keep aside to cool off.

Place a crepe on a cake board or big plate, spread filling on top and lay another layer of crepe.
Repeat this until you use up all the crepe and filling.

Keep Mille crepe cake in fridge, at least for 3hours before serving.

p/s:I use mango purée instead of durian. I only use half recipe to make mine.

Verdict: crepe cake might not look tall if you use half recipe, I cut it into half and stack them together to make it taller like the one on commercial

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