baking vanilla sponge with mangoes filling - by Shook-Ping Au

Dear all, actually I'm just trying to bake sponge cake and for the mangoes fillings I'm just doing the estimation without any recipe to refer . Here's the recipe for the sponge cake given by my fren -

Sponge cake-

5 eggs yolk
50g caster sugar
5 big spoon milk
5 big spoon corn oil
100g self raising flour (sifted)
1tsp vanilla essence
5 eggs white
69g sugar

**( my own estimation)
50ml mango purée
220 ml double cream
1 mango cut into diced

1)beat egg yolk, add sugar, milk, oil n shifted self raising flour till well combine n set aside .
2) Whisk eggs white with sugar
3) fold the egg white with egg yolk until we'll combine
4) pour into tin mold n bake for 40min
5) To make the filling lightly whip the double cream until you get a soft peak, then stir in the mango purée.
6)Spread this evenly over the cooled sponge cakes Scatter over the fresh mango pieces and sandwich the cake together.
7)For additional decoration place some of the remaining cream for the topping and place a piece of mango on each tip. Serve immediately.

Perhaps u all can try it out . For me is only try n error but result came out not bad ... My Kids finished up within few minutes lol....

Happy trying ya !

Fiona Lau

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