☆German Cookies☆- by Anna Fang

125g 牛油(软化) Butter (softening)
40g 糖粉(过筛)Icing sugar (sifted)

1 汤匙 奶粉(过筛)Milk Powder
125g 马铃薯粉(过筛) Potato flour (sifted)
80g 普通面粉(过筛) Plain flour (sifted) 做法:
1. 把牛油 ,糖粉放进盆钵,快速拌打直到发白蓬松。
Put the butter, icing sugar into the mixing bowl,
mix until fluffy.
2. 把马铃薯粉,奶粉及普通面粉徐徐加入并混合成软
Slowly adding the Potato flour ,Milk Powder and
Plain flour and mix into a soft dough.
3. 做自己喜爱的造型。
Do the shape of your favorite biscuits.
4. 放进预热 150C的烤箱,烘烤 20分钟.
Bake in a pre-heat oven at 150 degree for 20

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