Mini burger bun with no knead dough. ^.^ - by Frennie Boo

No Knead Dough: ( about 10 - 12 middle small buns )
Ingredients :
b.Instant Dry Yeast…..1 teaspoon
c. Castor Sugar…..60g
d.Salt…..1/2 teaspoon
e.Milk Powder…..20g
f. Whole Egg…..1
g.Melted Unsalted Butter…..60g
h.Bread Flour…..300g
** I use 170g of milk to replace the water (150g) + milk powder (20g)

1.Mix all the ingredients from a - f until combine. Add in the melted unsalted butter & bread flour, mix until well combine (the mixture will look like a soft dough)
2.Cover the dough mixture with a container & close up not too tight. Then pop into the fridge for about 2 hrs to 1 days, the No Knead Dough is done. ( I usually leave it for overnight, stay longer in the fridge is more easy to manage )
3.The dough is ready to use and shaping, once complete shaping, cover the dough with wrapper paper and leave the dough raise for about 1 hour.
4. When is ready to bake, you can brush a thin layer egg yolk or egg on top of the dough ( This is for golden brown colour effect, is optional )
5. Preheat oven 180°C, bake in middle rack for about 12 minutes. Leave it cold & serve. ( 12 - 15 minutes is enough to finish baking, bake too long, the bun will become dry.)
~ I really love this recipe, because I like homemade bread but I really hate kneading part. Now I always keep some dough mixture in the fridge just in case anytime can bake a few buns to serve. I hope you all will like the recipe as much as l do , Happy Trying & Thanks ~ ^.^
*** The recipe adapted from 周老師的美食教室 ,I've reduce the ingredients to 1/3 of the original recipe. For more details please click on the link below ~

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