Sweet sauce belly pork

Was trying to replicate a sweet pork dish my late mom used to cook with pork belly. We use to fight over the sweet sauce to eat with our piping hot rice. Drooling now!!!

Sweet sauce belly pork - by Lucinda Lau

300gms belly pork ( cut into strips)

1 tbsp dark soya sauce
1 and a half tbsps sugar
250ml water

Method: Heat up a pan and 1 tsp oil of oil to fried the pork till brown on both sides. Pour in the water and cook till all the water evaporates.
Pour out all 3/4 of the oil and add in the dark sauce, sugar. Fry for a while, if you want some sauce add in 150 ml water and stir to combine. Do not cook too long or pork will be hard.


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