Chilled Blueberry Oreo Cheesecake

Chilled Blueberry Oreo Cheesecake - by Amiko BelBel Chin

Biscuit base ingredients
200g Oreo Biscuit ( Crushed )
120g Butter ( melted )
1tbsp Brown sugar

Ingredients A
2 Egg yolks
150ml Fresh milk ( or low fat milk )
150 Caster sugar ( your preference if you want it less sweet or more sweet )
250g Cream Cheese

Ingredients B
2tbsp Gelatin powder
70ml Water

Ingredients C
1tbsp Lemon juice

Ingredients D
300g Whipping cream

Ingredients E
40g Oreo biscuit ( Crushed )

Ingredients for decoration
100g Oreo biscuit (very finely crushed)

1) Prepare biscuit base, mix biscuit base ingredients together and press into a '9' inch round baking tin firmly. Put in refrigerator for 30mins.
2) Prepare cheese filling: Simmer ingredients A in a small pot till sugar dissolved. Mix a ingredients B and double boil till dissolved. Fold cooked Ingredients B & C into cheese butter and mix well.
3) Whip Ingredients D, add in cheese butter and fold in Ingredients E. Pour the mixture onto Biscuit base and chill in the refrigerator for 6 hours.
4) Remove and decorate as desired.

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