Sponge bread - 海绵面包 - By Fiona lau

海绵面包 (Sponge Dough ) by Chef Fiona lau

材料 (Ingredients)
(Sponge dough)

  • bread flour/strong flour 214g
  • Cold water/milk 128g 
  • yeast 2g

(main dough)
  • bread flour / strong flour - 92g
  • cold water/milk 12g 
  • Egg 30g
  • Yeast 7g 
  • Salt 5g
  • Sugar 61g
  • Milk Powder 12g
  • Butter 45g

(Using Mixer)
  1. Sponge Dough : Mix all the ingredients well, using number 1on the mixer to mix it to form into dough. Let the dough rise for 4-5 hours or (Overnight) is highly recommended 
  2. Dough : Mix the dry mixture with the wet and sponge dough using number 2 on mixer.
  3. Add in butter and continue mixing till it stretches and not easy to break, ( when form a Dough)
  4. Put dough aside for rest 10 mins, then weigh and shape  each dough about 50-60g and roll it into round shape  and place onto grease tray, proof for another 60 mins or double in size.
  5. Bake in preheated oven at 180 degrees for about 15 mins.



Sing Yee Fong said...

Hi can i use BM to do kneading n proofing ?

Bakings Corner said...

Yes you can @sing yee Fong

Bakings Corner said...

Jz follow the step for sponge dough and the rest you can use BM

Irene Chia said...

Hi Fiona,
Can I replace e milk powder wf anything else cos we dun like the taste of milk..
Or will e bread taste like milk if I do add milk powder?

Breadmachinecenter.net said...

Unbelievable making at this blogs. Thank you author for good sharing.

Sing Yee Fong said...

Tks Fiona for sharing. I don't have a mixer. For d sponge dough can i mix by hand ?

Thomas L. Tyson said...

Sponge bread, looks good, haven't made this before, I would like to make this, too

Bakings Corner said...

Give a try you will
Love it .. ☺️☺️

Ramya Annamalai said...

What is sponge dough?? What is strong flour?? Can i use normal maida instead of those?

Anonymous said...

Do I have to leave the sponge dough inside the fridge??

Anonymous said...

Hi, may I know what yeast you are using? Instant yeast or active yeast? Thanks!