Mango cake

Mango cake - by Joice Yu
Mango cake with lot of lot of mango! Finally I can slice the mango and wrap the cake, using the fruit skin peeler, so happy! Tried to make the cake into round shape, but it doesn't really look round, haha. Need more practices!
Mango Cake
6 inch vanilla cake
3 eggs yolk
castor sugar 15g
corn oil 20g
milk 45ml
cake flour 65g

Eggs white:
3 eggs white
lemon juice 1/2 tsp
Castor sugar 35g
1.Use cold eggs
2.Preheat oven 160c
1.Use whisk to combine yolks and sugar
2.Add in oil
3.Add in milk and flour, combine well
4.Beat the eggs white till frothy and add in lemon juice, then add in sugar gradually, beat till stiff
5.Take 1/3 eggs white to batter bowl and combine, cut and fold
6.Pour the remaining batter to eggs white bowl, cut and fold, combine well
7.Bang a few times on table, then bake at 160c for 32-35 minutes until cooked (different oven got vary temperature)
8.Invert the cake till it's cool,unmould the cake
9.Cut off the top part that's cracked, then divide the cake to 3 layers
1. Topping cream (non dairy cream) 150g
2. Mango
1. Beat the cream until stiff peak. Put the cream into fridge for 1/2 hour then apply on cake.


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