Sweet Potatoes Red Bean Bao - by Xuan Ling Chen


Sweet Potatoes Red Bean Bao - by Xuan Ling Chen

9 serving
Preparation time: 1 ½ hour
Cook time: 15 – 20 min

189gm Purple sweet potato (steamed, peel skin and mashed).
42gm fine sugar
350 gm Hong Kong Bao Flour
1 tsp of yeast
7gm Soya oil
140ml water

315 gm Red Bean Paste

Steps (hand knead dough):
1. Add all the ingredients into a bowl follow the sequence above.
2. Knead the dough for 3 min (make sure you really knead and mix all ingredients).
Note: I preferred to knead the dough using hand so that I can train my hand muscle.
3. Put your dough into a bowl with cover and set aside. If you have microwave or oven (make sure in room temperature) put your bowl in your oven / microwave.
4. Let the dough grow for 1 hour.
5. When the dough is ready, divide it into 90 gm or 100 gm shape it round and make it flat.
6. Every 90 gm or 100 gm of dough, add 35 gm of red bean paste. Make it round and put on your own deco.
7. Place it on the cupcake paper.
8. Steam it for about 20 to 25 minutes and set aside for 10 to 15 min before consume.

I tried to do this yesterday night and it work well. First round when I steam it, it taste a bit sticky on my teeth but I found out that I did not cook long enough to let the Bao grow. So I cook for another 5 min with high fire. It turns out perfect.

I love this recipe because the sweet potatoes are a healthy food and the purple color make it looks nice to consume. I love the color and the taste.

Fiona Lau

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