Cotton Cheesecake - by Angela Low Gek Luan

Cotton Cheesecake - by Angela Low Gek Luan
Recipe: A:
Cream Cheese 225g
Whipping Cream 50g
Fresh Milk 90g
Butter 80g
Fresh Milk 50g
Corn Flour 25g
Egg White 150g
Lemon Juice 1tsp
Sugar 80g
Corn Flour 10g
Egg Yolk 138g

1) Bring Ingredient A to boil using double boil method over small fire till everything dissolve & smooth(no more lumps) than move away from e fire.
2) Mixed well B, pour into 1) & stir well.
3) Add in Egg yolk 1-2 at a time & mix well into e batter.
4) Sift e batter & cover with a cling wrap.
5) Preheat e oven to 180degree, 8" cake mold lay a pcs of cut out round baking paper at e bottom. Grease e side with butter and dusk some cake flour onto it, pour away e extra cake flour. if U use those removable bottom must wrap it up with aluminum foil.
6) C: add in e lemon juice whisk till U see big bubbles, mix well e corn flour & sugar together, pour into e egg white in 3 times & whisk till it become thick & foamy only.
7) Separate egg white foam into 3 portion, Use a spartula to mix it into e cheese batter 1 portion at a time & mix evenly.
8) Pour Mixture into your 8" cake mold. Immerse cake mold into another bigger cake mold & fill with 3/4 full of water. 180 degree bake for 30 minutes till e top turn brown, lower e temperature to 150 degree & bake for another 40 minutes.
9) When e cake is cold, gently shake e mold so that e cake will be loosen from it and pour it out onto a pcs of baking paper than place e cheese cake back on a plate ready to be serve.

* Be gentle when mixing e egg white foam & e cheese batter to prevent e foam from sinking.
* I pour e cake directly onto my palm and immediately put into onto e serving plate.
* instead of butter e side of e cake tin i use baking paper to wrap it up than pour e cake batter into it.

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