Enzyme Lemon honey - by Fiona Lau

Enzyme Lemon honey - by Fiona Lau 

French proverb : .
" Woman's happy with buying a fresh lemon ," This is enough to explain the role of lemon skin for women . Lemon contains more citric acid. This acid can not only promote the secretion of gastric juice to help digestion , and can neutralize alkaline , prevent pigmentation, has a bleaching effect on the skin . With lemon juice, wash the skin can remain with the juice smooth fit. Because lemon juice contains large amounts of vitamin A , can make skin absorption , making the skin moist.

3 lemon
300ml Organic honey

The amount of salt
Production steps
1 lemon salt scrub first , then water rinse, then dry with a kitchen towel .
2 lemons cut into thin slices , put seeds knocked off .
3 , clean, oil-free water bottles in the first covered with a layer of lemon slices , then pour some honey .
4 Repeat shop lemon, pour honey action until the bottle is full.
5 , cover , refrigerate saved until twenty-three days after the invasion full access better.
According to personal taste when eating a proper amount of lemon and honey , pour warm water , cold water or ice water and mix thoroughly .

1 lemon salt scrub can be washed off the skin layer of wax.
2 , oil-free water bottle to be so difficult to pollution , save time before long.
3 , honey, do not use hot water , so as not to undermine one of the nutrients.
4 , with the drink with honey can be continued .

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