Oreo Dust Pudding with Just only 4 Ingredient Needed - By Lilian Quek Sng

Oreo Dust Pudding with Just only 4 Ingredient Needed
(Adapted from Portuguese sawdust pudding recipe)

This is supposed to be made with tea biscuits, brown ones. But I didnt have any so I substituted with Oreo.

1. Tea biscuits:- 100g (I used a whole tube that u can buy at $1 each) but NOT really enough. INSTEAD OF USING ROLLING PIN OR PUT IN ZIP LOG BAG, I PUT THEM INTO MY PRO CHOPPER PLUS N HEY PRESTO! imagine I was banging n knocking n making so much noise b4 I had the chopper. Besides, a lot of wastage bcos they will stick to the bag n jump everywhere.

2. 250g (1 cup) of whipping cream

3. 50g of condensed milk (I only put 4 big teaspoonful)

4. Vanilla extract 1/2 tsp (I forgot although it was on the counter)

Using a mixer, cream the ingredients 2, 3 n 4 till firm peaks form.
Add the condensed milk slowly n taste its sweetness n add accordingly. Whipping cream is already sweet.
Crush the biscuits till fine.
Arrange 1st layer in the container.
Use piping method, pipe in 1st layer of cream mixture. (I just used a spoon n scoop)
Repeat with biscuits n cream mixture, depending on how tall your container is. Put in the refrigerator for it to set. (I put in freezer cos I wanted to bring it out today)
Hope u will enjoy this yummilicious dessert n let me know how u liked it.

Fiona Lau

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