Oreo cream cheese macaron - by 黄乐宣

Here's the recipe
3 egg whites
50g sugar
110g almond meal
200g icing sugar

1.Blend almond.
Mix together with icing sugar and sieve.
2.beat egg whites till foamy and add in sugar gradually.
Beat till stiff peak.
Add in your prefered color.
3. Fold in your wet into the dry little bit by bit... i mixed in 4 times.
4. Fold it gently till a lava stage is formed.
5. Pipe the macarons to the size that u want and leave it to air dry for at least 30 mins...
6. Shells r ready to bake when u touch the
macarons and the batter no longer sticks to ure finger..
7.bake at 150'c for 22 mins.
(Do take note that diff oven diff temp, so you have to tial and error yourself)

Step 3 means u fold the egg white mixture into the almond & icing mix 4 times.
Step 4 means that the mixture is smooth and shiny. when u hold up, it will drop back to the bowl like a lava.
Step5 & 6 means put the mixture into the piping bag and pipe to the size you want. leave it to air dry until a smooth layer is form on top. when u touch it, it won't stick to your finger. means its ready to bake.

Hope u success & happy baking.

Fiona Lau

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