Stewed Pork with Sprite (melt in mouth version) 红烧猪肉 - by Vonne VI

 Below is my secret recipe ...haha


About 700g pork belly

600 ml Sprite
4 star anise
3 Cinnamon
4 Bay leaves
3 tbsp white Vinegar
1 big garlic( remove skin and smash)
1 onion ~( minced or cut small)
Few Lump sugar ( up to taste)
1 tbsp Dark soya sauce
3 ~4 tbsp Hua tiew chiew
2 - 2 1/2 tbsp soy sauce
1/2 tsp Salt
1 dried chili (optional)~cut to half

** For the salty and sweetness can be +/- depend on your own prefer**


Wash and clean the pork belly , cut it into your desires size. Put all the ingredients into a pot and boil it with high heat untill boil. Then turn the heat to low heat and simmer it for 50 minutes ~ 1 hours or untill the meat soft . Once the meat soft to your desire softness, change the heat to high heat to get desire sauce of thickness and turn off the heat.Use a spoon to scoop up the pork oil (80%) on top of the sauce.Serve while hot .😀

** why we put below ingredients**

Sprite- help to make the meat tender and decrease the cooking time

Lump sugar -help soften the meat faster

Dried chili - to prevent the pork have pork smelly taste

Onion- give fragrance sweetness and thickness the sauce later on

Vinegar- to make the meat not feel too oily when eating time.

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