Made traditional Teochew Peng Kueh - by Alicia Tan

12 Peng Kueh Servings:


160g rice flour
60g tapioca starch
half teaspoon of salt
300ml of boiling water
2 to 3 table spoon of shallot or normal cooking oil (shallot is more fragrant)
3 to 4 drops of red or pink food colouring depending on how light or dark you like the colour

250g of glutinous rice; uncooked
250g of pork loin; diced (or other parts if you like but I don’t recommend minced pork)
30g of small sized dried shrimps; soaked, dried and diced
6 pieces of dried chinese mushrooms; soaked, dried and diced
60g of braised peanuts; without the sauce and diced
6 cloves of shallot; diced and fried till fragrant (or you can buy ready made ones)
3 to 4 teaspoon of diced or minced garlic
230ml of normal temp water
1 tablespoon of light soy sauce
2 tablespoon of sesame oil
3 tablespoon of oyster sauce (add more if you like for stronger taste)
1 tablespoon of dark soy sauce (add more if you like for stronger taste)
Pinch of salt and pepper

1) To combine rice flour and tapioca starch in a bowl.
2) To mix pinch of salt, shallot or normal oil, food colouring and hot water to combine.
3) To combine 1 and 2 and mix well. Cover with towel and let semi cool.
4) To knead the dough till smooth and nice.
5) To have a big plate and add tapioca starch to spread around.

1) To wash the glutinous rice and soak in normal temp water overnight.
2) To steam the glutinous rice the next day for about 15 to 20 minutes, and stir as and when.
3) To marinate the diced pork with sesame oil, salt and pepper. Set aside.
4) To use the oil and stir-fry the garlic with the dried shrimps and chinese mushrooms till fragrant and set aside.
5) To stir-fry the pork till fragrant and set aside.
6) To add in the glutinous rice, stir-fried dried shrimps, chinese mushroom and pork together with the braised peanuts, oyster sauce, soy sauces and stir fry till mixed well.
7) To add in pinch of salt and pepper as seasoning and taste.
8) To stir till mixed well and transfer into a pot or pan for steaming for better and softer taste.
9) To use middle heat over pot or pan to steam the ingredients for about 25 to 30 minutes till they are soft.
10) To add the fried shallot on top of the rice when finished steaming, and stir and mix well.
11) To let cool.

1) To put the dough in the plate and divide into 12 portions.
2) To take one portion of the dough, flatten evenly in your palms and fill it with the rice filling at the middle.
3) To cover the filling up with the dough and roll into round shape.
4) To put and press the dough with filling into the peng kueh mould.
5) To press and spread the dough evenly till no gap is seen on the mould.
6) To gently tap by the side of the mould to let the peng kueh come out.
7) To place the peng kueh into a lightly oiled plate, ready to steam.
8) To steam over high heat for about 10 to 15 minutes.
9) Ready to eat!!!

PS: You may pan fry or eat it as it is after steaming! We prefer to have them as it is

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