Milk Pudding with Honey Citron Tea (柚子茶) aka Yuzu - by Pris Wang

Here is my recipe :

Ingredients ( makes 2 cups )
1 egg
120g fresh milk
3 tsp of Honey Citron ( jam form , no peels , no water )

1. Add egg, milk and Yuzu and mix well . Don't beat or mix too much , else there will be too much bubbles .
2. Pour into cups using a sieve. (you need to sift so that pudding will be smooth )
3. Cover the cups. If your cup does not come with a cover, use cling crap or foil.
4. Steam for about 10-12 mins using low heat. ( see note point 2 )
5. Garnish with Yuzu peel and serve warm.

Note :
1. This recipe is not too sweet , just the minimum. You can increase Yuzu if you prefer sweeter desserts.
2. Pudding should not wobble too much when done. Don't over steam as well or the top will not be nice.

Enjoy !

Fiona Lau

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