"Shanghai Mooncakes" - by Pretty Soh

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The making of "Shanghai Mooncakes(上海月饼)" ! Freshly baked,homemade mooncakes and easiest to bake among all. Tis recipe makes 16 mooncakes. Here it goes :-
Ing :-
300 gm plain flour
50 gm milk powder
100 gm sugar
20 gm custard powder
1 tbsp baking powder
100 gm shortening
50 gm margarine
2 eggs
2 egg yolk for brushing
melon seeds

Filling :- lotus paste, red bean paste,salted eggs

Method :-
1) Mix all the ing. together in a bowl into a soft dough.
2) Divide into 50-60 gm each.
3) Wrap the salted eggs with the lotus paste or red bean paste, make into a balls.
4) Again wrap up the filling balls with the pastry, shaping into a dome shape.Brush with beaten egg yolk and place some melon seeds ontop
5) Place on baking tray and bake at 170' for 25-30 mins.
* Tis mooncakes can serve immediately right from the oven. It's worth the try !
Happy baking with Joy & Love !!!

Fiona Lau

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