"Thousand Layers Yam Mooncakes - by Pretty Soh

Interested in the making of "Thousand Layers Yam Mooncakes" ?
For tis pastry, u can either use lard, shortening or margarine. So here's the recipe :-
Ing. for pastry (A) :-
300 gm high protein flour
30 gm castor sugar
80 gm shortening
145 ml water
Mix all the ingredients to form a dough and wrap up. Set aside.
Ing. for pastry (B) :-
250 gm flour
125 gm shortening
2-3 drops purple colouring
Method :-
Mix all ingredient to form a dough also. Wrap up and set aside.
1) Let the 2 pastry rest for 10 mins, divide into 20-22 portions( if u want bigger mooncakes, make it to 17-18 portions).
2) Roll out pastry (A) flat and put pastry (B) i inside, wrap up, seal.
3) Roll (2) into long strips and roll up.
4) Roll (3) into long strips again and roll up.
5) Now using knife, cut the rolled-up pastry into halves (in the pic. on the left).
6) Roll the cut faces up pastry into flat round sheet, wrap the yam filling in properly.
7) Place on baking tray, bake for 20-25 mins at 170'.

Ing. for yam filling :-
850 gm mashed yam
250 gm sugar
100 gm peanut oil
45 gm tang meen flour
Method :-
1) Steam the yam pieces till very soft and mash/ blend till fine.
2) Place all the ing. into a wok and keep stirring till it forms a sticky paste then only add in the tang meen flour and stir till it leave the side of the wok.
3) Cool in a fridge and it's ready to use.
4) Add melon seeds to the paste and roll into balls (divide into ur preferable portions).
5) Wrap a salted egg yolk inside and place aside for further use.

***Happy baking with Joy & Love !!!

Fiona Lau

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