roasted pork belly - by Florence Yew W K

 脆皮烧肉 roasted pork belly

三层肉 Pork Belly 1KG

(A) 白醋 white vinegar 2大匙 2 tbsps,盐 salt 1小匙 1tsp

(B) 白糖 white sugar 1小匙 1tsp ,五香粉 5 spice powder 1大匙 1tbsp,盐 salt 2小匙 2tsps、胡椒粉 white pepper 1大匙 1tbsp - 搅拌均匀 mix well

(C) 粗盐 sea salt 2大匙 2tbsps

1) 将猪肉洗净,内部以刀随地将组织切断。然后先将皮沸水川烫5分钟,捞起沥干水。(皮要软就可,最重要叉可插进皮里就可)然后用叉插进皮多个洞洞,越多密密麻麻洞洞使到皮会更脆。。切记别插到肥油那层)
-Wash and make few cuts into the pork belly (don't cut all the way/pierce the skin).
-Boil water (use wok, water level-just upto the skin), boiling the skin for 5 mins, drain.
-Use a fork to prick tiny holes into the skin (don't go into the fat layer)

2) 以腌料(B) 均匀将肉的部份抹匀。
(B) rub all over the pork belly well except for the skin.

3) 将皮抹上腌料A 。
Brush vinegar on top of pork skin, follow by salt.

4) 然后将肉部份用锡纸包好,皮向上,放入冰箱冷藏 最少要6小时或隔夜
-Wrap the meat side with aluminium foil, skin side up.
-Store it in the fridge for at least 6hrs/over night.

4)烘烤之前,将猪皮铺满粗盐 然后以220度烘烤,用上下火烤1小时。过后取出慢慢将粗盐拿掉,之后再放进烘烤以 220度烘烤,用上火继续烘约半小时至表面起泡。然后取出将皮有些黑的部分用刀刮掉。
Preheat oven. Put sea salt on top of pork skin, then roast it for 1 hr at 220c, top&bottom heating. After 1 hr, take it out & remove all the sea salt. Roast for another 30 mins, top heating untill the skin is crispy & puffy.

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