Royce chocolate - by Shina Lin

Wow! Looks like many of us here loves Royce chocolate. Here goes!


200g whipping cream
400g chocolate couverture dark droplets (from Phoon Huat)
2 table spoon cocoa powder (Hershey's)
3 table spoon rum (alcoholic)

1) Line a 7" baking pan with baking paper. Do not cut the sides of the baking paper. Fold the corners and tuck them in neatly.
2) Warm up the whipping cream, keep a close eye on it. It should be just before boiling, do not allow it to boil.
3) Remove from heat and add in the chocolate.
4) Stir and allow the chocolate to melt then add in rum. You should get a smooth mixture.
5) Pour the mixture into the baking pan. Bang the pan lightly on the table top a few times to remove trapped air.
6) Chill in the refrigerator for 2 hrs.
7) Remove from baking pan gently by pulling up the sides of the baking paper.
8) Warm up the sides of a long knife by pouring hot water over the blade. Wipe dry before cutting the chocolate.
9) Clean the blade after each cut, ensuring that it is clean and dry. Warm up the blade after every 2 cuts to get clean cuts.
10) Once you are done cutting the chocolate, sieve cocoa powder on the surface of the chocolate.

Keep chilled until you are ready to serve. Enjo

Fiona Lau

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