Hokkaido milk loaf - by Vivianne Tan

270gm High Protein Flour
30gm Cake Flour
5gm instant yeast

15gm milk powder (I use my baby 's Pediasure... LOL)
40gm castor sugar
4gm salt
1 egg
125 gm fresh milk
75gm whip cream

1) warm the milk till lukewarm then add in sugar and sprinkle the yeast on top... set aside for 10 min till foamy

2) in another bowl... mix all dry ingredients( flour,milk powder and salt ) and mix well... then add in whip cream, egg

3) Add in the activated yeast mixture and mix till combined well

4) lightly flour work station and knead the dough till smooth and springy

5) Let it rise for one hour in a warm spot ( I just put in my microwave... don't on it of course... )...till it double in size

6) Take the dough out and punch down the dough... and roll out the air with rolling pin..then shape it and put it into a greased bread tin

7) Let it proof for another 40 min till the dough rise 3/4 of the bread tin

8) Cover and bake at 375 degree for about 30 min...(I did not preheat the oven.... I put the tin in together coz the dough will rise further when the oven is preheating ).... or till the crust turn brown... ( can open and check... no worries... bread dough is very forgiving )

9) Lastly... remove from the oven... cool it and slice it...

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