BUBUR CHA CHA - by Cathryn Vincent Khoo

(Recipe for 4 persons)
Tapioca Jellies
1/2 to 3/4 cup boiling water
60 g tapioca flour (½ cup)
Food colouring ( your choice of colour)
Green food colouring, or juice of 25 g young pandan leaves

Place tapioca flour in a mixing bowl
Make a well in the centre of the tapioca flour and add some (bit by bit) hot water. Mixed the hot water with the flour and continue adding hot water to the flour and mixed it till smooth dough stage.
(It will be sticky at first till it is mixed to dough stage)
Roll out the dough lengthwise about 1" thick. Cut into three pieces
Mixed required colours to the dough till well mixed and even.
Roll out lengthwise to about 1/2" thick
Use a dough cutter and cut into triangular shape.
Add some flour if too sticky.
Prepare a pot of water for cooking the tapioca jellies
Add the the uncooked jellies when the water is boiling.
Keep stirring the Jellies in the water to prevent it from sticking.
When jellies are ready, it will float to the top.
Put cooked jellies into a bowl of cold water to stopped the cooking process.
Yam/taro and sweet potatoes
Cube the yam/taro and sweet potatoes (not too big).
Wash and soak in water for 5 minutes.
Drain the water and mixed 2-3 tablespoon of sugar to the yam and sweet potatoes cubes and.
Prepare a steamer at high heat to steam the yam and sweet potatoes
Spread the yam and sweet potatoes on the steam tray and steam for about 8-10 mins. Do not over steam till the yam and sweet potatoes exploded.
Once skewers can go through it is ready.
Take out cooked yam and sweet potatoes and put into a bowl of water to cool down and retain the shap
Prepare the coconut milk
Use the required amount of coconut cream (I use Karla coconut CREAM). Dilute the coconut cream with some water to the preferred "lemak ness".
I added about 200- 300 ml of evaporated milk to the coconut mixture
Add in shredded Pandan leaves.
Cook the diluted coconut cream mixture using a thickness based pot at very low heat and stirring continuously. Do not let it boiled.
As over boiling will break the oil in the coconut milk.
When all above ready, assemble the above and you will have a bowl of yummy BUBUR CHA CHA - hot or cold

Fiona Lau

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