Fiona Lau Butter - by Kelly Ng

Due to some "accident" while my son is helping me to crack the eggs. I turn out doing this chocolate marble butter cake using whole egg method instead of Fiona Lau's famous spongy butter cake.
Whole house full of butter smell and we all cannot resist to have one piece as supper.
Maybe not as tionk as the original recipe but it really taste good!

Marble Butter Cake

What you need :

Unsalted butter 230g
Sugar 180g (I find it a bit sweet, if you don’t like too sweet, pls reduce to 160g)

Eggs 4pcs

Salt ½ tsp
Vanilla essence 1 tsp

(D) – sieve together
Self-rising  150g
Plain Flour 50g
Baking powder ½ tsp (Yes I still include even I use self-rising flour, you can omit)

Whipped cream 50ml
UHT milk 70ml (you may use 120ml milk / yogurt and omit whipped cream)

(F) – mix well until all well incorporate and sugar dissolved.
Chocolate powder 3 tbsp
Sugar 1 tbsp
Warm water 1.5tbsp

How to do :

1. Grease pan (I use non-stick loaf pan) and preheat oven at 180 degree for 10 minutes.
2. Beat (A) until well combined (pale yellow colour).
3. Add in (B) one by one, each time beat well until creamy. Then repeat step until all eggs have added in the butter mixture.
4. Add in (C), mix well.
5. Fold in (D) into the butter mixture and mix well.
6. Add in (E) and mix well.
7. Divide half of the batter in another bowl.
8. Add in (F) into one of the bowl with batter, mix well.
9. Now, start to spread the chocolate batter into the pan, then continue with plain batter and so on, until you finish all layers. Slightly shake the pan to distribute the mixture evenly.  Also slightly bang the pan on table to eliminate any bubbles inside the batter.
10. You can do whatever design you want to achieve the marble design.
11. Bake 40 minutes @ 180 degree until golden brown or skewer come out clean. ***Pls adjust acc. to your own oven.
*** I use water bath at the last 15 minutes @ 170 degree and cover top with aluminium foil because the top already golden.
*** you can bake without water bath but I choose to do that so my cake is moist and soft.

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