Oreo Chiffon - by Kayden Lim

Oreo chiffon - 
Recipe Credit - by Fiona Lau
recipe: Ingredients:

5 egg yolks
90g of cake flour (sifted twice)
80ml of milk/ fresh milk
50ml of vegetable oil

(Oreo crumb)
6x2 pieces of Oreo biscuit without the cream
- Put into zip-lock bag, lightly crush with hand.

(Egg white)
5 egg whites (keep inside the fridge when preparing the batter)
75g of sugar

***Oven preheated 155 degrees

1. mixed egg yolks and vegetable oil until completely fused
2. Add in milk, Stir well
3. slowly fold in sifted flour, mix till smooth
4. Beat the egg whites until frothy add in sugar gradually and beat until it stiff.
5. Add in the oreo crumb into the batter, mix well
6. Fold in 1/3 of the egg whites into the batter, and fold in the remaining egg whites gently.
7. Pour the batter mixture into the 20cm chiffon mold,
8. Bake at 155C for 40 minutes.
9. Immediately invert it after removal from oven. Leave to cool. When cake is cold, remove from the chiffon mold.

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