Tau Huay Chin Chow Jelly Mooncakes

Tau Huay Chin Chow Jelly Mooncakes

1 ltr soya bean milk (I used homemade)
1 pkt agar agar powder (10g)
500g chin chow (store bought, cylinder type)

1. Dissolve agar agar powder as per instruction on the packaging but instead of water and sugar required, replace them with the tau huay drink.
2. If the tau huay drink you used is homemade, have to make it a tad sweeter than usual. (Normally I only used 3 tbsp of sugar but this round I used 6 tbsp of sugar). As for store bought, you need to add sugar accordingly.
3. Remove tau huay agar agar from heat and scoop enough of liquid agar agar to fill 1/3 height of the mould. Put mould into freezer to semi-set. I used quick freeze function, so only need about 10mins for agar agar to semi-set.
4. Meanwhile keep the remaining agar agar warm over very low heat/hot water bath.
5. Cut the cylinder chin chow into disc of 1 cm thickness, set aside. The chin chow does not contain any sugar so it compliments the sweetness of the tau huay agar agar.
6. Remove mould from freezer, prick both the surfaces of the chin chow disc then place it on the semi-set agar agar. Pricking helps the chin chow disc in holding onto the agar agar when they set later.
7. Fill the mould with remaining tau huay agar agar.
8. Chill before serving.
9. Enjoy!

Fiona Lau

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