Mini Egg Fatt Goh (迷你鸡蛋糕发糕) - by Georgina Chew

Mini Egg Fatt Goh (迷你鸡蛋糕发糕)

  • 4 eggs 
  • 220g caster sugar 
  • 200ml ice cream soda soft drink 
  • 300g plain flour 
  1. In a mixer, whisk eggs and sugar until light and fluffy, stir in flour, mix well.
  2. Slowly add in soft drink, and mix become smooth batter. 
  3. Spoon batter into cups until 90%full. 
  4. Steam high heat for 15 mins. (I steam 10 mins coz mine is mini cups )

From  Georgina Chew posting some recipe call for this amount  
鸡蛋糕发糕 - by Wong Yiam Moi

  • 2 eggs, 
  • 200g sugar, 
  • 2 tsp ovalette(sponge gel), 
  • 300ml ice cream soda or 7 up or sprite, 
  • 300g plain flour

  1. mix well  Steam 10 to 15mins

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