Nama Chocolate ( Royce' Chocolate ) - By Fiona Lau

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Royce's Chocolate  Nama Chocolate - Modified By Fiona Lau

300g  Heavy Cream ( Dairy Whipping Cream )
400g Chocolate Compound or Coating Chocolate 
200g  Dark Couverture Chocolate ( Dark55% )
4-5 Tbsp Cocoa powder for dusting
3-4 tbsp Rum / Cordon Bleu


Line a 8"x 10" baking pan with parchment paper. 

Don't remove or cut the sides as it'll cause the chocolate to leak. Instead i just fold the corners and tuck them in neatly. 
I used Extra Dry rum for these but you can experiment with other liquor like Cordon Bleu or champagne..!!

This is the Thickened cream I used and this is a perfect size for one batch of chocolates with no wastage ... Blek

Warm up the Thickened cream, keeping a close eye on Cream . It should be just before boiling. when you see bubbles around the saucepan, please remove from the heat.

The heavy cream is more or less ready when the side bubbles for half a minute.

Remove from heat and add in the chocolate. If your chocolate is in one big chunk/block, I'd suggest that you cut them into smaller pieces. This allow it to melt faster.
Not like this .. is wrong method

Cut them into smaller pieces like this allow it to melt faster.

Stir and allow chocolate to melt. Add in rum.
 You should get a smooth mixture like This. Yummy...

Pour the mixture into the baking tin. Bang the tray for few time in table top to remove trapped air or pocket air. Chill in the refrigerator for 2 hours or until set. 

Remove the chocolate from the baking dish and cut it into cubes using a warm knife. Make sure to warm the knife after each cutting to prevent splintering. You can use hot running water but wipe it off completely before each cut.

Once you're done cutting the chocolates, sieve or sprinkle the cocoa powder on the surface of the chocolates and serve it with chilled is the best.
For best freshness, keep in refrigerator for no more than 10 days. 


Make sure the bowls and utensils you are using are perfectly dry. Even a small amount of water/steam can "seize" the chocolate melting process.

The ratio of heavy whipping cream (ml) and chocolate (gram) should be 1:2. Please do not replace chocolate with white chocolate for this recipe. The ratio is not the same.

The two most common problems of working with chocolate are separating and seizing.

The best way to prevent separation is to use gentle heat (simmer on lowest heat) and stir frequently. Since we're not using a double boiler in this recipe, make sure you do not bring the heavy whipping cream to a full boil. Remove from heat as soon as you saw bubbles around the edges of the saucepan.

 My nephew is really Enjoy the awesome Nama Chocolate! yummlicious..

Fiona Lau

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