Crispy roast pork - by Evelyn Faith Chng

1kg pork (三層肉)

Five spice powder (2 tbsp)
White pepper powder (2 tbsp)
Salt (1 tbsp)
Light soy sauce (4 tbsp)

1) mix all above seasoning in a bowl
2) scrap skin with knife to remove impurities and remove any stray hair on skin with tweezer. Rinse and pad dry skin with kitchen towel
3) hold knife in a stabbing action and make short diagonal slits with tip of the knife on the surface of the skin randomly (do not cut into the meat) this helps the skin to crackle during baking
4) rub marinate all over the meat portion ONLY. If any of the marinate gets on the skin, wipe away with kitchen towel. rub skin with more salt.
5) place marinated pork (skin side up) on plate and leave in fridge overnight (at least 12 hours)
1) preheat oven at 220c for 10mins
2) place pork skin side up on wire rack, fill metal underneath with water (water on lower metal rack helps the meat to be juicy and at same time collect the oil that drips from meat during baking, easier to clean afterwards)
3) bake for 30mins, then remove from oven and poke as many holes as possible on the skin with skewer (this also helps to crackle)
4) return the pork to oven and continue baking for another 90mins or until the skin is crispy at 200c.
5) at every 30mins interval, poke holes on portion where skin is still soft. Refill water on metal tray.

When done, let pork cool for 10 to 15mins on metal rack and thereafter cut into bite size.

Marinate portion should be adjusted according to pork portion.

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