Oreo Condensed Milk Cheesecake - Joice Yu

I got some leftover condensed milk, so I used it to bake this beautiful Oreo Condensed Milk Cheesecake! Sorry if I made you hungry at this timing!
Oreo Condensed Milk Cheesecake
Ingredients A
Two egg yolks
250g cream cheese (room temperature)
70g condensed milk

Ingredients B
2 egg whites
15g castor sugar
Ingredient C
One pack of Oreo (137g)
1. Keep 12 pieces of Oreo cookies, other smash to small fine crumbs, clear off the filling cream.
2. Put in cupcake cup in mould, put in the crumbs as base.
3. I use double boiled method to melt the cheese, then add in egg one by one, use hand whisk to combine. Lastly add in condensed milk, combine well.
4. Beat the egg whites to stiff peak, add in sugar gradually.
5. Add in the egg white into the cheese batter, divide by two times.
6. Pout the batter into the muffin cup, about 80% full, then put the Oreo biscuit on top of it.
7. Water bath method, put into preheated oven, bake at 150c for 20-25minutes. (My oven is HOT stuff)
8. Take the cake out when done, once cool store in fridge. Serve chilled. Enjoy!
1. Use low temperature to bake, you want to keep the whole nice oreo biscuit on top.
2. Use bigger size cupcake cup, so that the cheesecake got space to expand, and not breaking the biscuits.

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