Cream Choux Pastry with chocolate topping - by Joice Yu

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  • 基本泡芙外皮 / Basic Choux Pastry

    成品直徑3cm約做15個, make 15 pastry

    Recipe credit: Carol Hu

    雞蛋2顆(淨重約110g) / two eggs (110g)
    無鹽奶油/butter 45g
    水/water 85cc,
    低筋麵粉/cake flour 55g
    鹽1/8茶匙/salt 1/8 tsp

    準備工作/ Preparations
    1.所有材料秤量好/Scale all the ingredients
    2.雞蛋液打散/whisk the eggs till combine, don't beat
    2.低筋麵粉用濾網過篩/sieve the flour
    4.烤箱預熱至200度C/Preheat the oven to 200c

    5.依序將水,鹽及無鹽奶油放入盆中/Put water, salt and butter into a pot

    6.使用中小火煮至沸騰,轉小火/use medium heat bring the liquid to boil, then turn to low heat

    7. 將過篩的低筋麵粉一口氣倒入用木匙快速攪拌 (水及奶油煮沸後轉小火倒入麵粉後,火還不要關一邊攪拌到粉變成有一點透明不沾鍋才能關火)/put in all the flour in one time, quickly stir with wooden spatula, keep the pot on the stove, keep stirring

    8.攪拌到麵粉完全成糰且不沾鍋子即關火/Stir until the dough is not stick on the pot, then leave the stove

    9. 麵團稍微放至涼(手摸不燙),將雞蛋液分4-5次慢慢加入,每一次加入都要攪拌均勻才加下一次的蛋液/ Put the batter aside to cool, add in the eggs by 4 to 5 times, stir all evenly each time then only add more eggs

    10. 約加到2顆蛋時就拿起木匙,如果麵糊呈現倒三角形緩慢流下的程度就算是完成.即使還有雞蛋液也不要再加了/keep observe the batter, when it turn to a thicker batter, when you bring the spatula up, you can see the batter dripping slowly and form a triangle shape, then it's done. Even I f you have more eggs, don't add in eggs again

    11.若雞蛋液全部加完還沒有呈現倒三角形緩慢流下的程度,就必須再增加少許蛋液/if the batter not reach triangle shape on the spatula, add more eggs

    12.完成的麵糊裝入擠花袋中,用1cm口徑的圓形擠花嘴/ Put the batter in to a popping bag

    13.在不沾烤盤布上間隔整齊的擠出15個球狀 (沒有擠花袋可以用厚塑膠袋前端剪洞代替)/ make 15 pastry, round shape

    14.手指沾水將麵糊上方尖起抹平/ drip your fingers with some water and press off the peak

    15.用一根竹籤在麵糊表面劃出十字痕跡 (幫助成品裂紋漂亮均勻)/use a toothpick to draw a cross on the pastry

    16.進烤箱前朝麵糊表面噴上冷水(噴壺約擠壓6-7次) (避免一進爐就將表面烤乾影響膨脹)/ spray some water on the batter surface, 6-7times

    17. 放入到已經預熱至200度C的烤箱中烘烤10分鐘,然後將溫度調整為190度C再烘烤10分鐘,再將溫度調整為180度C再烘烤15分鐘到表面金黃,最後 關火悶10分鐘即可出爐 (中途不可以開烤箱,以免冷空氣進入影響膨脹)/put the pastry in to the preheated oven (200c) bake for 10 minutes, then 190c for 10 minutes, then 180c got 15 minutes until it's golden colour, don't take out the pastry when it's done, let it stay inside the oven for 10 minutes (don't open the oven when it's baking)

    18.出爐後移至鐵網架上放涼/take out from oven when it's done and cool on rack

    19.放涼的泡芙切開可以填入卡士達餡或打發鮮奶油/cut a hole on the below of pastry, pipe the custard cream in, drip the pastry with chocolate

    20.泡芙皮可以密封冷凍保存,吃之前自然解凍即可/ if you can finish the puff, put into the fridge and reheat when you want to eat

    1.水可以使用牛奶代替/water can be replace by milk
    2.無鹽奶油可以使用液體植物油代替/butter can be replace by vegetable oil
    anilla Custard 
    a :milk 200g, vanilla essence 1/4 tsp

    b : 1 egg yolk, castor sugar 20g,
    c : cake flour 10g
    d: butter 10g

    1. Boil the milk, keep warm
    2. use whisk to ingredients B, mix well, add in cake flour and mix
    3. Pour the milk slowly in to the batter
    4. Sieve the batter and put to stove, keep stirring with whisk in low heat
    5. Remove from heat once it's thick
    6. Add in vanilla essence and butter. Chill in fridge.
I melted 100g dark chocolate for topping.

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