Yam Ogura Cake*~ by Elaine Kwan

*Yam Ogura Cake*~ by Elaine Kwan


egg york 7
whole egg 1
salt 1/4 tsp
corn oil 80g
mash yam 90g (I replace it by use 70g of milk for this cake )
yam paste 1 tbsp (available at baking ingredient shop)
superfine flour 115g

egg white 7
castor sugar 120g
tartar 1/4 tsp

utensil :
9"square pan

Method :

1. Whisk the egg york,whole egg,salt,corn oil,mash yam or(milk) and yam paste until fluffy.
2. Shift in superfine flour, then mix it until smooth and well combined, put aside.

1. Beat egg white + tartar + castor sugar until stiff.
2. Mix method A's mixture with egg white mixture evenly .(apply chiffon cake mixing method)
3. Pour the mixture(B2) into the 9"pan, try to get rid of the air by lightly tapping the pan.
4. Steam bake for 25 minutes at 160°C and bake for another 1 hour 25 minutes at lower temperature 150°C.*TEMPERATURE IS DEPENDS ON YOUR OVEN*

香芋相思蛋糕 * ~by Elaine Kwan


蛋黄 7
全蛋 1 个
盐 1/4 Tsp
粟米油 80克
香芋泥 90克 (我没放香芋泥拿牛奶代替70克)
香芋糊 1 TBSP(烘焙材料店买)
低筋面粉 115克

蛋白 7克
细砂糖 120克
Tartar 1/4 tsp


做法 (A)

做法 (B)
3。将面糊倒入9寸的方模里,把空气敲出。 放入预热后的烤箱里,于蒸烤法160c, 25分钟再转150c烘烤1小时25分钟或至熟便可。(各人烤箱不同)

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