Fruit Tartlettes From My Little Chef Son GWei - By Fiona Lau

Fruit  tartlettes  from My Little Chef GWei - By Fiona Lau
Pastry cream: 
400ml milk 
150g sugar
6 nose egg yolks
20g corn flour
15g plain flour
10g Instant custard power
Dash vanilla essence

1. Boil milk and sugar 
2. Mix egg yolks,corn flour and custard power with100ml of milk
3. Boil milk, add egg yolk mixture,blend well and cook till mixture thickens
4. Set in refrigerator .
5. Mix with whipped cream if used as a filling

Short paste: Tart/ Pie - by Chef Fiona Lau 
Ingredients.   Double ingredient                                  

500g cake flour.                               
325g butter.                                   
2 yolks.                                          
5g salt.                                             
200ml ice water.                                 
( Additional flour if required )
(Half potion)
250g cake flour
butter ( cut into cubes )
45ml iced cold water 
1nose egg yolk
Pinch of salt

Method of preparation 
1. Blend flour and butter using the paddle beater until a sandy texture is obtained
2. Add in ice water and yolk and mix into a smooth paste .
3. Do not over work the paste or it will become rubbery.
4. Place paste in plastic bag and chill it in refrigerator .

160'c 30 min

//. This paste can be used for pie crust,
deep fried curry puff, tartlets,  banquettes , etc

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