糯米饭/ Sticky rice

糯米饭/ Sticky rice
1 glutinous rice 500g (soaked overnight)
2 Peanuts 250g (soaked overnight)
3. Barbecued pork 130g (diced)
4 sausage 2 (diced)
5 Mushroom 6 (soaked and diced)
6 shrimp 3 tablespoons (soaked, chopped)
7 1 tablespoon chopped garlic
8 water 200ml

1 1 tablespoon oyster sauce
2 tablespoons soy sauce 1
3 ½ tsp salt
4 ½ tsp dark soy sauce
5 pepper to taste

A peanut into the pot boiled soft spare.

2 Heat 1 tablespoon oil saute garlic and shrimp, add sausage, fragrant mushroom, pork and peanuts are fried, then add drained both fried glutinous rice and seasonings.

3 would put fried glutinous rice poured into a steaming pan, add water, then add to the steamer and steam for 1 hour or until soft.

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1. 糯米 500g (浸泡隔夜)
2. 花生 250g (浸泡隔夜)
3. 叉烧 130g (切粒)
4. 腊肠 2条 (切粒)
5. 香菰 6 朵 (浸软,切粒)
6. 虾米 3 大匙 (浸软,剁碎)
7. 蒜茸 1大匙
8. 清水 200ml

1. 蚝油 1大匙
2. 生抽 1大匙
3. 盐 ½ 小匙
4. 黑酱油 ½ 小匙
5. 胡椒粉 适量

1. 花生放入锅中煮软备用。

2. 烧热一大匙油爆香蒜茸和虾米,加入腊肠,香菰,叉烧和花生炒均,再加入沥干的糯米和调味料炒均。

3. 将炒好的糯米放盛入蒸盘中,加入清水,再放入蒸笼里以大火蒸1个小时或至软。


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