Old fashioned steamed egg sponge cake / Ji tan Gao - By Fiona Lau

Kuay neng kor, Kai tan kor, Ji tan Gao - By Fiona Lau

*makes a 7” round cake


3 (AA) eggs ( must be cold from fridge )
300g Flour (sifted)
250g caster sugar (but i use 190g only)
230ml ( I use F&N ice cream soda)
25g Dry Cranberry (optinal)

1tbsp coarse sugar, for sprinkle the Cross Cut
1.     Beat eggs and sugar in a mixer over high speed for 3mins till fluffy, increase to medium high speed and continue beat till double in volume (take about 25mins) till batter turned thick and pale. Change to lower speed, beat for 3mins as to minimize the air bubbles
2.     Mixer at low speed, add in sifted flour and soda drink alternately, do not over mix. Remove the mixing bowl, use a spatula and lightly stir to combine well in one direction.

3.     Pour the cake batter into prepared 7” lined bamboo tray, lightly tap on counter top to remove air bubbles.

4.     Sprinkle coarse sugar such that it forms a cross on the surface of cake batter (this is important to get a nice crack effect, and do this fast, otherwise the sugar tend to sink).
5.     Steam over high heat for about 40mins (start when water is boiled), serve after slightly cool down.

Fiona Lau

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