Chinese Yam cake - Steven Wong

1.2 kg Yam, peeled and diced
150 g Dried Shrimp, soaked till soften (keep the water to cook mix with flour mixture)
4 pcs lap cheong - diced
2 pcs lap yuk (optional) - diced
3 - 5 Fresh Shiitake Mushroom, sliced
9-12 pcs (depending on size) Shallots, sliced and deep fried until brown and crispy.
3 Garlic Cloves, chopped

A) Batter
4 rice bowl Rice flour
1 rice bowl Cornstarch
8 ½ rice bowl Water + water for soaking dried shrimp

B) Seasoning
1 Teaspoon White Pepper
1 Teaspoon Five Spice Powder
1 tbsp powdered Chicken Stock
½ tsp Sesame Oil
½ tsp Salt or to taste

1. Sauteed in oil the following (individually) until fragrant and DO NOT wash the wok.
Ci. mushroom
Cii. dried shrimp
Ciii. lap cheong (chinese sausage)
Civ. lap yuk (wax pork belly) or bacon.
2. Next fry the yam with 3 tbsp of the shallots oil and ½ of the fried shallots until semi soft then add ingredients Ci-iv, mix well; then add flour mixture.
3a. You can either continue frying until the mixture becomes sticky then transfer to *tray (slightly more than 3/4 full) for steaming or
b. Just pour the flour mixture into the Yam mixture; mix well, transfer to *tray (slightly more than 3/4 full) for steaming.
4. Steam for 45 mins to 1 hr in high heat. Test with a bamboo skewer, if it comes out clean then it’s cooked, if not continue until done.
5. Garnished with spring onions, fried shallots and diced/sliced red chilli.
*The round tray I used is 10”x 2” and 8”x 2”

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