chinese Radish cake - by Alisha Ng

this recipe was shared by Joyce Kwek in BC.

Radish 1.2 kg, remove skin and shred, each shred about 6 cm long
Dried prawns (xia mi) 75 g
Sausage (lap cheong) 150g, fine chopped
Wheat flour 40g
Plain flour 40g
Corn flour 80g
rice flour 150g
Cooking oil 200ml
Water 1.2 L (divide into 2)
White Sugar 30g
Salt 15g
1) Mix all the flour with 600ml of water.
2) Heat up wok, add oil, dried prawn, lap cheong. Saute
3) Add 600ml of water into the wok and radish slices. Cook with lid open
4) Add in the flour and water mixture. Mix evenly
5) Place the final mixture into a rectangular tray.
6) Steam for 45min to 90 min
7) Slice after cooled down. To serve, re-steam or fry till sides are golden brown.

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