Agar Agar - by Betty J Woo

Got this recipe from a kind lady from another cooking group. 
 I just follow her exact recipe except 
I cut sugar to 120g:

- syrup from Longan can - 150g
- agar agar powder - 20g
- water - 900ml
- caster sugar - 150g (I use 120g coz mine meant for old folks)

- whipping cream - 150g (I just use whatever whipping cream tat is inside my fridge)

- some colouring depending on your preference

- put (A) inside a pot and cook till it boils, pls keep stirring. Once it boils, pls off heat
- pour (B) inside (A)
- add colouring as per your preference. (I divide mixture into 2 bowls, just added pink colouring into one bowl)
- pour into moulds, wait till it's cool then put inside chiller for at least 4 hrs.

I play randomly with the colors, thus I hv to wait for first layer to semi set then I pour the other layer over.

As per what the lady had shared, she felt it taste better with whipping cream thus I use whipping cream. I hv not try doing it with evaporated milk yet, thus I won't know the difference.

Fiona Lau

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