Agar-Agar Gula Melaka

Agar-Agar Gula Melaka

1 pack of agar-agar powder
750 ml Water
1 block (about 200 g) gula melaka (palm sugar) - you can use more if you prefer sweeter
250 ml of coconut milk (fresh is the best)
a few pieces of pandan leaves, to be tied into a knot

1. Cut gula melaka into small pieces (easier and faster to melt)

2. Put gula melaka, water and pandan leaves into a pot and bring to boil. Stir until all the gula melaka have melted then pour through a sieve to remove any sediments.

3. add the Agar-agar powder to the gula melaka mixture and bring to a boil.

4. Lower the heat and add the coconut milk.

5. Allow the mixture to come back to a slight boil at low heat. Don't over boil.

6. Remove from heat and pour the jelly mixture into a pan/mould of your choice. Traditionally, this is made in a aluminum square or rectangle tray then cut to diamond shape when set.

7. The jelly will separate into two distinct layers as it cool, try not to shake or move the container about when it's cooling.

8. Chill in the fridge until they’re ready to eat!

Note: if you follow my proportion of water to coconut milk, you will get like in my picture, half/half, if you’d like to have less of the whitish coconut part, then reduce the coconut milk accordingly.

The star of this jelly is the gula melaka, try to get the best you can lay your hands on. If possible, use fresh coconut.