Teochew Soon Kueh - By May Tay

Teochew Soon Kueh
Contribute by May Tay To BC

150 Rice Flour
63g Tapioca Starch Flour
Hot Boiling Water
Mix all the flour.
Pour boiling water into the mixture and stir simultaneously with a pair of chopstick.
Dough will turn slightly translucent and lumpy as you add hot water during mixing process
Once 95% of the flour is mixed into a dough, continue to mix with your pair of hands till the dough turns into a nice soft dough. Ready for use.

Filling ingredients:
Minced garlic
1 small shredded turnip
1 small shredded carrot
30g chopped dried shrimps
Some brown shallots
Some diced spring onions
Dash of white pepper, salt & sugar
Soon kueh Sweet Sauce
Add oil into wok, toss in dried shrimps and fry for a while.
Add in minced garlic. Fry for a while till fragrant.
Add in carrot and turnip. Fry and add pepper, salt and little sugar. Taste.
Once cooked, toss in diced spring onions.
The wrap cum steaming process:
Pinch a small dough and use a roller pin flatten till thin round sheet
Place the filling the centre and wrap into crescent moon shape.
Seal the sides tightly and trim off excess side. Pinch hard and seal the side again.
Once partial of kueh is done, boil a wok of boiling water, place banana leaves as steam base into the steaming plate. Brush a little oil and place the Kueh into the wok, cover and steam for 15mins or till Kueh skin is translucent.
Brush oil top of kueh skin and remove from wok. Place on plate and serve.

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