Hong Kong milk pudding ( 2 Favor ) - by May Tay

Ginger Milk Pudding
Milk Pudding

姜汁撞奶 和 鲜奶焗蛋
Ingredients :
2 egg whites
220 ml fresh milk
2 tbsp sugar
2 tbsp ginger (omit if only want milk pudding)

Method :
1. Mix all ingredients together GENTLY till sugar is dissolved. Don't whip coz don't want foamy whites.   

2. Grate ginger and juiced to get ginger juice. Place into the ramekins.
3. Gently pour the milk mixture into the ramekins over a sieve (2nd sieve). If there are bubbles, use a toothpick to prick then or use a teaspoon to scoop and discard.
4. Wrap each ramekins with cling wrap (very IMPORTANT STEP)
5. Heat a wok of water and steam over HIGH HEAT FOR 10mins (DONT OVER STEAM AND DONT OPEN THE WOK COVER during this process)
6. After 10mins, switch off the stove fire, , DONT OPEN THE WOK COVER, leave them stay inside for another 10 mins.
7. Done. Serve hot or chill in fridge.

You can use low fat milk BUT NOT HL milk. I used Magnolia Fresh Milk. You can use strawberry or any flavored milk for your children.

Remember to follow my instruction very closely. Don't skip any steps.

Thank you and enjoy!

Ginger Milk Pudding
Milk Pudding
 Why cling wrap? To prevent water droplets from dropping into the milk puddings. If water droplets get into yr puddings, all puddings will be destroyed and broken up.

  •  Sieve the milk mixture very gently from low height to prevent bubbles please.

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